Valérie Carrier


Relationship Therapist

Spoken Languages

French, English


My mission Divan bleu:

To offer a warm guiding light to help with life decisions: career, sexual or relationship orientation, difficult decisions, life mission, and a better understanding of oneself.

For the most part of my life, I thought that I was lost. In every aspect of my life, I wondered where my place was: career, family, relationships… I knew that I didn’t fit in. Neither a position as an employee nor a traditional monogamous relationship were cut out for me: I had to invent my own reality without known guidelines.

I know what it’s like to feel lost, to not find one’s place in the world, feeling no sense of belonging, different or misunderstood. It’s hard to build confidence and a strong self-worth when we’re searching for ourselves.

My thirst for knowledge, along with the curiosity to understand human beings in their multiple facets and how things and systems function have always been my driving force. I used to think that “when I finally find what I’m missing, I’ll be better”, whereas the challenge is to learn to be well throughout the journey, and not only once you’ve finally reached your destination. In fact, I realised that I love exploring and that it is part of my life mission and my essence. And this doesn’t mean that I’m “lost”.

I now have the resources and the grounded confidence it takes to be able to guide you in finding your own path. And while we walk side by side, even if not everything is clear, we’ll strive for you to feel your self-worth, and I will help you believe in it and feel nourished by it.

We will explore your resources, strengths, unsatisfactory behaviours, and your limiting beliefs. To light up the way is my life mission and I offer you my openness, my non-judgemental listening and my sensibility to find the path that leads to you.

Degrees and experiences:


Graduate of the Centre de relation d’aide de Montréal (CRAM), Individual

Personal growth workshops host, namely in the polyamorous community and the creation of life goals

Entrepreneur who offers support to other entrepreneurs in their projects


Member of the Regroupement of Intervenants and Therapists in
Alternative and Complementary Medicine (RITMA)

Receipts for Insurance Claim in Naturopathy

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To illustrate my many interests and curious nature: I finished my Bachelor’s degree in business administration when I was 21 years old. I then went to work in the business field for many years, in different positions including as a management consultant, recruiter and business owner in the service sector.

I then accumulated many trainings and professional experiences in multiple domains: interior design, translation, literary creation, and, of course, therapy.

I still work in most of these domains, offering my support to businesses, in interior design, in recruitment… nothing on my path was lost and it all contributed to the multi-faceted person I’ve become!

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Nothing makes me happier than to transmit knowledge. I constantly think about the next workshop I will create, or the books I want to write, and which tools could be helpful in different areas. Speaking in front of a group fills me up with joy.

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By my transparent nature, I don’t have many secrets. I’m open to discuss any subject: from sexual practices to spirituality, even linking both subjects in the same conversation!

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