Nathalie Bouchard - Relationship Therapist

Nathalie Bouchard


Relationship Therapist

Spoken Languages

French, English


My mission Divan bleu:

Help you develop your self-confidence based on the elaboration of a set of personalized tools created from your own inner resources.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted to build relationships with others without really knowing how to do that, nor what that actually meant. Naturally, I’ve developed a sympathetic and attentive listening ear to others, but it was like I didn’t exist in these relationships.

What does it mean to forget about oneself in a relationship? It means that, most of the time, when we need to make a decision that implicates someone important to us, we put ourselves second, because we make the other person more important than us. We abide to others’ tastes, to their needs and their desires. We do this in order to please, due to the fear of losing people, fear of conflict. We overly accommodate.

Thankfully, I had this part of me that wanted to exist freely, to be myself in an authentic way, and hence have the freedom to say what I felt towards others, despite the fear of losing them or create conflict. Today, as I look back, I’m grateful to this strong and innate need for freedom, that has, in a sense, saved me.

One day, I made a pact with myself that I would fall in love with myself. At first, I didn’t know how to achieve it, but I finally did it by accepting myself for who I am with my qualities and challenges, while giving myself the same compassion we often give to others, and more rarely to ourselves.
Unconditional acceptance allows me today to accept my clients unconditionally too, no matter what they’re going through, which contributes greatly to their self-confidence and self-worth.

It will be my pleasure to accompany you on this journey towards self-understanding and to help you build your own tool box filled with your true resources, qualities, and practical ways to take care of yourself. You can develop your full potential based on who you are. You can become the creator of your own life.

Degrees and experiences:


Graduate of the Centre de relation d’aide de Montréal (CRAM), individual
therapy, couples therapy and sex therapy

Graduate from the School of Management Coaching as a Professional Coach

Bachelors in communication


Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)


Member of the Regroupement of Intervenants and Therapists in
Alternative and Complementary Medicine (RITMA)

Receipts for Insurance Claim in Naturopathy

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I have an unquenchable thirst to learn about absolutely everything! I’m perpetually learning and everything interests me, which means I can read on any given subject for hours. I make extensive research and I cross-check sources, and complement them with more reading. This truly nourishes me!

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I love to travel and I do so with the desire to discover new cultures, meet the country’s inhabitants. Before visiting, I read on the history of the country, its wars, its changes, which allows me to understand the habits and customs and carry deep conversations with the people I meet. I also learn the language, as far as possible, of course! During the course of these various trips, I met extraordinary people and I still keep in touch with them today.

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I also have a college training in cytology. Cytology is the study of cells and cancer screening. We can say I know humans down to their cells!