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Maëlle Lafond

Relationship Therapist


  • Adult Individual Therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Polyamory and Non-conventional Relationship Therapy


  • Français
  • English
  • Español




  • Laval
  • Remote

My Divan bleu Mission

Help couples and individuals of diverse relationship and gender identities in improving their emotional and intimate lives.

My Story

Degrees & Experience

Passionate about relationships, intimacy and psychology for over 15 years, I began my own personal journey following my mother’s cancer diagnosis when I was a teenager. Since then, I have always been engaged in a form of therapy. Convinced that introspection and openness to others are essential for a fulfilling life, I have placed them at the heart of my existence.

However, despite my best efforts, I struggled for a long time to establish satisfying and lasting romantic relationships. I did not know how to name my needs and my limits, chose unavailable partners, let myself be overwhelmed by my traumas and sometimes showed self-sabotage.

I tirelessly explored my shadows and my story to find the keys to my blockages and finally live authentic relationships full of love, with solid partnerships where trust and listening reign.

Today, I want to share this experience and help others build satisfying relationships based on trust and mutual listening.

My vision is to help you regain your self-confidence, communicate openly with your partner (even and especially to talk about the difficult things!), deepen your intimacy and find the joy of being together.

Maybe you want to have more fun solo or with your partners, but you don’t know how to approach it.

Perhaps you are wondering about your sexual orientation, relationship or gender identity.

Whatever your background, the form of your relationship or the color of your sexuality, you have your place on my couch. I am here to be your mirror, your listening ear, your shoulder to cry on and your guide who provides you with the right tools at the right time.

Degrees & Experience

  • Graduated from Université de Montréal (UdeM) in sexuality intervention
  • Level I and II of the Clinical Foundations in Couples Therapy of the Gottman Institute
  • Trained in the accompaniment of polyamorous people in therapy with the Spanish sexologist Miguel Vagalume
  • Facilitator of workshops for couples and talking circles around non-monogamy
  • Bachelor’s degree in sociology and master’s degree in journalism
  • Producer of content related to sexuality education

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After my studies at the Sorbonne, I worked as a journalist in major Parisian newsrooms where I wrote articles on business and tech topics. For months, I covered the capital’s startup community and met dozens of entrepreneurs while visiting incubators and conferences. A completely different life than the one I lead today, but which taught me a lot!

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At 24, I left to live for 3 years in Madrid, Spain. Starting over by leaving my country, changing careers, and not knowing anyone, was one of the best decisions of my life. Not only did I come out perfectly trilingual, but I truly revealed myself: I explored different forms of relationships, built rewarding friendships with people from diverse cultures, developed new professional skills and exceeded my limits in many areas. The experience was difficult at times, but I came out of it with confidence in my ability to adapt to (almost) everything – so much so that I started again by immigrating to Quebec in 2021!

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It’s no secret but it’s definitely something personal: I identify as a Buddhist and have been practicing mindfulness meditation daily for 3 years. It is a particularly important path for me, both for its spiritual and community aspect. I am always happy to talk about it and discuss how this philosophy helps us to live and give meaning to our existence.