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Alisa Heart


Spiritual and Empowerment Guide

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French, English


My Mission Divan Bleu:

To teach individuals tools to gain clarity, perspective or relief from issues that may be otherwise left unexplained, confusing, or seem outside of our worldly realm.

I have always beat to the tune of my own drum. Through the years, I have gained a range of life experience from selling things ranging from packages to day spas to construction tools and steel buildings over the phone, to spending some time as a pro poker player.

There is one job I have enjoyed and helped me grow the most of all. I would prefer to call it a vocation. It allowed me to explore first-hand the link between sensuality, vulnerability and personal power, gave me ample chances to explore setting boundaries and gave me the opportunity to create playful containers among many other lessons. This vocation has been dancing as a stripper.

I have also, in my own personal life, ridden the edges of the mental health system, homelessness and drug use.

These experiences have left me with a wide capacity to relate to people in various difficult situations and were all steps in my own personal growth.

You can be assured to be welcomed with an open-mind and compassion, no matter what you’re bringing forth.

My personal healing journey began in 2011 and continues to this day, moving through paths of yoga, naturopathy, somatic therapies, countless workshops, trainings, experiencing and even creating awe-inspiring events to offset the trauma felt in my body.

I walk my talk and have learned to live an empowered life that leaves me feeling nourished and fulfilled. I am excited to be part of such a great team as Divan Bleu and it is my great pleasure to meet with you if you feel so called.

Degrees and experiences:


Spiritual Guide Master and from  Energetic Healer training Awakening Angels schoolin Cornwall, Ontario
Yoga Teacher Training certificate Sun&Moon yoga studio

Organizer and teacher of the Touch&Play festival in Montréal

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I’m an avid dancer. I find such release through it. Physical, emotional, creatively.

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Sensuality fascinates me in so many different ways: Eros and pleasure (and the power they wield), surrender and direction, the push-pull, finding the sweet spot in every moment…

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I pick up seashells and rocks from almost everywhere I go and place them all around my house. Every now and again I pick them up and feel the energy held within them. It grounds me.