Get off the beaten track to get a fresh look and seek help differently: this is what our service of spiritual guidance offers you.

Are you feeling stuck?


Do you find yourself repeating the same patterns despite countless efforts to break free of them?


Spiritual guidance and energetic principles can help you open to otherworldly insight. You can then use this insight to make the available and necessary changes that will bring you closer to the life you desire... and deserve.

How a Spiritual Development Session Works:

Our approach to energy healing will offer you a toolbox that you will be able to use also outside of the sessions, so that you can discover and work with different aspects of your personality: past lives, ancestral trauma, and more.

You will be exploring these tools while being sat down in a relaxed setting through dialogue. Our spiritual guide also uses a technique that involves placing their hands on key areas of your body to move energy. You will be fully dressed and lying on a massage table. A combination of both methods can be used in any session.


First appointment:

You will have already completed and sent an intake form describing your personality, the reason for your visit, as well as your specific goals or desired outcomes you want to get out of your sessions. It is also possible to look at these questions in your first appointment.


Duration and Frequency:

The frequency of your visits can always change according to your needs that are evolving over time, and depending on what happens in your daily life at a specific time. Some people will only need one session, while others will want to schedule weekly or bi-weekly appointments.


The first session costs 120 $ CAN and lasts 75 minutes.


All other sessions cost 90 $ CAN and last 50 minutes.


This service is available in French and English.

Spiritual Guidance room

Spiritual and Empowerment Guide: