Do not stay alone and worried about the behavior and reactions of your kids.

Does your child/teenager have relationship difficulties at school, in your family, with friends?


Is he/she a prisoner of his/her fears or less cheerful since he/she faced a striking event?


He/She may have a tendency of isolating himself/herself or he/she lacks self-confidence?

Ourtherapists can help them find their inner resources, live better and communicate with their environment.

 Different techniques can be used depending on the age of the child/teenager.

Meetings with the parents are also available, depending on the situation, to help you better guide him/her.

For child and teenager therapy, we invite you to contact our therapists to express your challenges and needs. Together, you will create an action plan before coming to your first appointment.



The price of an individual session is 90 $ CAN to 100 $ CAN, depending on the professional.


The appointment lasts 50 minutes.


Our services are available in French.


If needed, receipts in naturopathy or sex therapy are available (depending on the professional).

FAQS Divan Bleu

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