You deserve to have harmonious and exciting love relationships!
Couple therapy services

Are you trying to express yourself about what is bothering you, but your attempt turns into an argument?

Or perhaps you are not saying anything because you feel guilty, you are afraid of rocking the boat or because you can’t find the right words.

An unexpected crisis (unfaithfulness, mourning, etc.) threatens your relationship that used to be so strong.

Routine, children or stress are disturbing your relationship, making things tense or tedious.

You feel deeply stuck in a relationship that makes you suffer.

If you recognize yourself in these situations, it would be a good time to see a therapist for couples therapy. You will never get back the time spent in an unhappy relationship.

You are ready to seek help, and we’re excited to help you.

 Our therapists are relationships experts.

They are trained to help you improve the communication in your relationship, to better manage your reactions and negative attitudes that harm your relationship, and to give you access to tools that will help you get your intimacy back. It is possible to learn how to become a better lover and partner. You will be asking yourself why you did not do it before!

How the Couples Therapy Works:


First appointment:

You and your partner will talk about the challenges you are facing and you will set your goals as a couple. The therapist will help you express yourselves.


Duration and Frequency:

You can see your therapist once a week or once every two weeks in the beginning, always as a couple. We recommend a minimum of 8 sessions to get positive results.



You will have someone who knows your couple well and who you can rely on if needed.


The price of a couples session is 120$ CAN to 160$ CAN, depending on the professional.


The appointment lasts 55 minutes.


Our services are available in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.


If needed, receipts in naturopathy or sex therapy are available (depending on the professional).

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