Set Yours Goals and Realize Your Full Potential

Do you have projects in mind and need some support to make them happen?


Do you need to make decisions in your personal or professional life and want to have a clearer vision?


Are you facing a new challenge and you want to be successful at it?

 Life coaching could be a solution for you! At Divan bleu you can meet a professional coach to start taking action and to achieve your goals.

How the Coaching Works:


First appointment:

The first session is by telephone and is free. In this session, you will explore the goal you want to reach and assess if you are comfortable with the coach. There is no further obligation on your part.


Duration and Frequency:

Depending on your goal and the timeline in which you would like to reach it, we set up a meeting schedule twice a month. Each session focuses on what is important to you in relation to your goal.



Your coach will have put you in action to achieve your goal quickly and efficiently. You will be able to review it punctually to make sure that you continue to progress to the desired outcome, or if you have new projects.


Cost: The first phone call, lasting about 30 minutes, is free. The cost of subsequent sessions is tailor-made.


This service is offered in French and English


Coaches at Divan bleu are members of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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