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Communicate with Clarity • Overcome Conflicts • Deepen Your Relationships

We see the potential in you.

You deserve fulfilling relationships and more inner peace.

We will help you get there.

Your challenges:


Do you feel disconnected from your body or the people around you?


Do you avoid talking about difficult things, scared that it won’t fix anything?


Do you feel pressured by your own expectations or those of other people?


Are you caught in repeated fights?


Are you experiencing a lack of sexual satisfaction and fulfillment?


Do you want to give a greater meaning to your life?

Our Services

Adult Individual Therapy

One quality hour entirely dedicated to the most important person in the world: yourself.

Cost: $100 to $120

Couples Therapy

You deserve to have a harmonious and fulfilling partnership. We will help you to get there.

Cost: $120 to $160

Therapy for children and teenagers

Help your kids manage their challenges with more emotional intelligence.

Cost: $90 to $120

Spiritual and Energetic Guidance

Gain clarity, perspective, or relief when you’re feeling stuck.

Cost: $110 to $120

Sex Therapy

Get help from a professional who knows what they are talking about.

Cost: $140

Polyamory and Non-Conventional Relationship Therapy

As an individual or as a couple, get informed help without feeling judged about your orientation or your relationship choices.

Cost: $100 to $160

Équipe Divan bleu

Divan Bleu Team

At Divan bleu, we don’t diagnose you. We don’t put a label on you. We see you and we hear you.

Our therapists and professional coaches master their approach, but they don’t hide behind titles or protocols.

You will receive help from human beings who are passionate about their job and who work from their heart. You will quickly feel understood.

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How Much Does it Cost?

Individual therapy (adults, children, teenagers and sexology): $ 90 to $ 120
Couples therapy or sexology for couples : $ 120 to    $ 160 (according to the professional). You can see the exact prices on each professional’s bio on Our Team” page.

How Does a Session of Couples Therapy Work?

On the first appointment, you and your partner will talk about the challenges you are facing and you will set your goals as a couple. The therapist will help you to express yourselves. For more information, click here.

Frequency and Duration
We recommend a minimum of 8 sessions for couples therapy to get positive results, once a week or once every two weeks. For other services, the duration and frequency depend on different factors. The first session will help to determine what your needs are.
Do you Offer Insurance Receipts?
Yes, receipts are given in couples, individual and sex therapy. We deliver receipts for naturopathy or sex therapy categories of your insurance.
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